Now I should write something about alternatives to business networking such as social-media activity, value-added content, online ad buying or automation, all things that allow you to reach your goal without having to build personal relationships with others.

Unfortunately, this is not enough.

I say this from the perspective of my numerous business ventures in which I did my best not to accept the fact that "relationships in business are the key to success" because "business is a pile of people".

For me, relationships with other people are an unforced, genuine desire to spend time together. Using relationships to make business raises resistance bordering on disgust in me.

However, such an approach is not conducive to being highly effective in business. However much we may dislike it, life is not about what you can do but who you know. This can be very disappointing but such is the dark side of the fact that we are social creatures.

Simply put, in business it is incomparably more important whether someone likes you than whether you have a rational argument. Relationships are above rationality. Emotions eat our analytical mind for breakfast. Our analytical mind is not the boss. He doesn't even have a desk. It is an apprentice.

Full stop.

Now that we've established the facts, it's time to take a closer look at the problem. Personally, I divide people in terms of their approach to relationships into four segments. 1. people who want to create deep relationships easily. 2. people who accept shallow relationships as long as they come easily. 3. people who put effort into shallow relationships. And 4. people who appreciate deep, hard-won relationships.

Shallow, hard-earned relationships are characteristic of good salespeople, born networkers. They go for quantity, but work hard so that the partner does not feel it. They have a purpose and know why they do it. People who want easy deep relationships create a good atmosphere and are liked. People who accept shallow relationships as long as they come easily are ready to swap the relationship at any time. People who work on deep relationships are certainly excellent partners and friends.

The problem with the concept that "business is a bunch of people" is certainly not with people in the "hard- shallow" and "deep-easy" segments. People in the "deep-difficult" segment will abhor using relationships for mercantile purposes, as will people in the "shallow-easy" segment, although for them the reason is different, they simply don't invest effort in building relationships.

If I had to position myself somewhere, it would be somewhere between "easy- shallow" and "difficult-deep". In either case, business networking is not for me. Either it rejects me because of my values and beliefs, or I just don't want to invest in relationships.

In other words, I am unsuited to doing effective business, yet I want to do effective business. So either the world will change or I will change.

The first option is impossible and the second does not appeal to me. What remains is to let go or find a third dimension besides "depth" and "difficulty" in which to burrow in order to remain myself and achieve the goal at the same time.

This dimension is "predictability". Relationships by their very nature are a minefield. Anyone who has been in a romantic relationship knows this. In fact, anyone who has had any kind of relationship at all knows this. How, then, can we speak of 'predictability' at all, and what would it produce?

Let's start with what it can do. If the relationship were predictable, the level of investment would be very low, which would delight the "easy-going". This in turn reassures people under the sign of "deep-difficult" relationships.

Despite appearances, predictable relationships are not difficult to arrange. It's enough to tell people why you're meeting at the outset, put them across from each other so you don't have to invest energy in exhausting 'searching' and 'initiating', and then tell them what the conversation might look like.

This format works quite well for all kinds of 'speed dates' both romantic and business. A clear, honest, simple format. Sit down, talk and next, next, next. Every type will be happy.

The great art, however, is the right selection of people. One is a matter of selection, the second is a matter of matching goals and expectations, and the third is character matching, which allows you to minimise risk or, perhaps more, increases the chances of easily creating a good and perhaps lasting relationship, and thus building the most valuable substance in a business relationship - trust.

To do it really well, you need to use the economies of scale, modern technology and knowledge from business psychology. The rest is magic. Of course, the magic of the marriage of science and technology.

This is how the concept of bizzspace_ was born.

bizzspace_ is a business space where you meet the right people at the right time. Those who can and want to help you build your business. We select them using modern technology and knowledge in the field of business psychology.

Oh, a simple solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem.

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