If you start reading research on how small and medium-sized companies gain customers, build their advantage, you will notice that business networking plays an important role in this. The same is true when you are looking for a job, a new challenge or just want to solve a personal problem. In such cases, a trusted network of contacts is more valuable than gold.

Learn to love networking.

I don't know how many times in my life I have heard the loud "I hate networking" from myself. I have very similar reactions in many other people. We all feel the same. We feel uncomfortable. Sometimes because we're introverts, but not always. Most often because we associate networking with effort, artificial meetings during which we want to sell something to someone. The key words are nosy, abuse and inauthenticity.

With this attitude, it's really hard to love networking. Luckily, this isn't networking. This is a solicitation. Networking is something else. 

Let's start with this as a way to overcome the obstacles, and then in a nutshell I will tell you how to look at networking without feeling at all that there are any obstacles there.

First of all, do not view networking as an unpleasant duty that comes from holding this or that position, looking for a job, or running a business. You don't have to do this if you don't want to. You can, because the same positives come from it. 

Doesn't sound convincing? It's as if someone told you: stop thinking about the pain, it will stop hurting you? I think so too :). 

Let us therefore move on to the next point. How to understand that there are no barriers to entry in networking. That you don't have to feel bad, unnatural, forced to do something. 

Research shows that networking arises from the fact that it does not harass others, but we talk to them to find out how and if we can help them. This completely changes the paradigm of looking at networking. This is not a slow sale anymore. Some disruptive guy who we throw him out the door comes back through the window. This is someone who is interested in what we have to say. This is someone who doesn't think about selling us, but thinks about how to help us! What a variety! 

This is what networking is all about. On helping. Helping builds bonds. Bonds form a network. The web helps build a business. 

Here we turn from a villain into a knight on a white horse. We are here to help. Nobody wants sales talk, but everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to meet someone who is willing to help. It's not about whether it can really change someone's life for the better, but the very fact of listening and willing to help is really important. In addition, if aid actually happens, it is already a significant change. 

Of course, meeting people who think alike are most beneficial. Who not only think about how to use what you give them, but also think about how to help you. How to effectively use your help. 

It would be really great to meet people who are not only willing, but can help you. It's a big diffrence. 

Ideally, such people should be on the same wavelength as us. Common interests, similar character traits, sense of humor. All this makes the conversation more sticky, and the communication barriers disappear - the ice cream melts. 

Knowing how a powerful tool is business networking and how difficult it is for different people to use it, we decided to create a space in which we automate the entire process, allowing both professionals and amateurs to conduct effective business networking of this key skill for success. 

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