Dale Carnegie, an American writer and corporate training lecturer, once said, "You can close more cases in two months with interest in other people than in two years by trying to get people interested in yourself."

This is what networking is. In fact, this one sentence challenges most of the misconceptions about networking that linger in society. Moreover, this one sentence holds a great promise - here you can achieve your very ambitious goals, not by expecting but by giving.

The thing about the net is that when you pull on one node, the strength of the net causes several hundred other ties to make themselves felt. If you help, you stimulate energy in the nodes of the network and these nodes suit you the same. Newton's third principle translated into human relations.

According to research by Gina Belli, nearly 80% of job offers are not advertised anywhere. Instead, people are actively searched for through networking. People on recommendation constitute 40% of the employed. This is how it works when looking for a job, but not only. Of course, the natural consequence of networking is primarily a business result.

The first thought when we hear about networking is - it's not for me, I'm an accountant. I'm not a programmer for me. I am an engineer. It's for marketers and traders.

Of course! It is a fantastic tool for marketers and traders. As good as for accountants and engineers. Of course, as long as the accountant and engineer have goals and want to achieve them effectively.

Networking is not selling. Soliciting strangers and harassing them with your offer. A soft landing on the lawn after throwing out the door and efficient climbing up the wall to enter through the window.

Networking is about building relationships.

Of course, the relationship begins with the first word. Words spoken by someone who introduces us or ourselves. If you are not a master of the first step - that is, you do not like talking to others, it is ideal to be among the group of people who already have relationships and will be happy to introduce you to the conversation to other people.

If you do not have such comfort, just ask "what are you doing" or comment on someone's clothes paying attention to the "interesting detail". I don't know if you know, but a lot of people - which is recommended by professional networkers - dress in a slightly specific way, to be remembered first, but most of all, to create a reason for other people to make contact - an excuse.

The next step is questions about your interests, background, travel goals if you're on the road, etc. Just a simple social conversation that you give purpose and character to with one thought in mind: can I help him somehow?

The worst networkers don't ask for anything. They talk themselves. Continually. As if they want to address the awkwardness of the situation, which makes the situation even worse. The best are basically silent. They listen.

Listen to the tips to identify areas where you can respond, such as "what are your biggest challenges right now?" Then offer suggestions for how you would approach a similar problem or suggest contacts on your network that might be of assistance.

A great way to build a good network of contacts is volunteering. There you present not only skills but also character.

Finally, look for ways to maintain this relationship - send links to interesting, relevant articles, exchange contacts, meet from time to time.

All of this makes you produce the main ingredient needed to spin your relationship business networks. Trust. Trust comes from the experience of another human being in many different fields. Trust can be aroused by your work, results, appearance, manner of speaking, but also - and this has its magnetic charm and strength - focus on help.

By disenchanting networking, everything related to it becomes friendlier. Natural and useful not only for you, but for the whole community in general.

Wanting to create a place where networking will be easier, more accessible and, above all, more effective, we designed bizzspace_. A place where proven people help each other.

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