Each of us has heard at least 1000 times that networking is very important, that it helps in achieving goals, successes, and establishing new lasting relationships. Great advice. Unfortunately, we rarely know how to do it effectively.

The method called "tank" assumes that you drive ahead without paying attention to anything until you finally reach your goal. In the case of networking, it would be doing whatever we think of as a good idea until we actually build a valuable network and a good relationship. Mass distribution of business cards, presence in social networks on the Internet, we go to networking events. But that doesn't mean we're going to build a network that has value.

They say it takes an entire village to raise children. You also need good proven relationships - a few key nodes to start building an effective and valuable network.

What holds you back?

What hurts us the most in building a network and getting that key seed of it is the way we think. Thinking about using the web for your purposes. However, just like networks of any material, so in the case of a network made of human bonds, reciprocity is needed. One knot holds the other as tightly as the other holds the first. However, to start building a network, you first need to learn to give.

The second problem is that we love our social bubbles. People who think alike, live, work, react, etc. It just makes our existence easier because we encounter behaviors that we understand and feel safe with. Unfortunately, research shows that such networks are not valuable. Ie. they allow you to feel good, but do not provide valuable ideas, suggestions, or perspectives. They just don't lead you to success.

No idea or strategy. As everywhere, the strategy is necessary for the work to bear fruit. Without a strategy, you swim in all directions, losing energy, and finally sink before you reach the shore or your goal. He meets people who give you a chance to achieve your goal and who you can help somehow.

Convenience and laziness are another problem. When it is good, because you have a job, you have orders, everything goes so well, you do not build a network, you do not expand it, you only use it as it is. When suddenly the situation changes, you turn to the "cold" network of friends you have never helped, who you did not support because you were busy with your own things, for help. You just want to take it again. It doesn't make the network work.

No time. This is basically the same problem as the previous one. Lack of time is only an excuse. Helping others to turn to them for help is an investment - one of the most important business investments you can make. So don't say you don't have time, because it's just an attempt to justify yourself against laziness and a lack of forward-thinking. Find the right organizations to help you systematize your network work.

No follow-ups. A quick meeting, exchange of business cards, which, 30 minutes after the meeting, end up among others with the same value of papers. The relationship requires establishing it again and again. You have to be proactive. Phone, e-mail allows you to build a relationship. Sometimes these are simple questions, gestures, sometimes a phone call. It's enough. Each conversation is a "thickening" of the connecting line, bonds. If you manage to provide any help for all of this, it's great.

It is not easy to help, because sometimes we do not believe that we can give anything. Meanwhile, help is sometimes very symbolic, like getting to know another person, the willingness to help is help in itself. When you think about help, you will understand what you can do for others and it will allow you to quickly find out with whom you will build the strongest bonds.

Build mutually beneficial relationships. When you meet people, ask them open-ended questions about their work. What are they working on? What are their current challenges? Is it possible for you to help them by linking them to some resource or guiding them based on your value proposition and / or experience? In this way, you create strong relationships.

Find allies and champions. A strong network supports you and is your spokesperson. It helps you sell your ideas across the organization, and promotes you to new opportunities. When you make contacts and offer help to others to achieve their goals, your contacts will respond to you when you need to.

Networking is critical to business results. Even if you don't grow it systematically, if you think about it, you haven't reached the point where you are alone. It is very often the obvious (eg family) or less obvious (kind people) help of others that makes you where you are.

That is why we decided to build a system that focuses on networking. Bringing help and taking it away. Which will help you find people with whom you will quickly find an agreement and complementary goals. Eventually, it will remind you that it is worth remembering and will not let anyone forget that you once helped them. In a word, a network automation system - bizzspace.

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